Dear Friends and Herbal Enthusiasts,

Natural Herbal Skin Care ProductsWild herbs have been used for centuries as a source of nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic benefits. We hand-pick the choicest wild herbs from the woods and meadows in the Ohio Valley and combine them with other high quality ingredients to create our Wild’erb™ all natural herbal skin care products. By paying careful attention to centuries of time-honored wisdom, coupled with the latest research, we hand craft each product to ensure optimal results.

Because we want to share nature at its best, we have very high standards for picking and only process the herbs in small batches to insure freshness. Our products are made with careful attention, using our 25+ years of experience in the field of herbs and alternative health.  Please stay a moment and learn about our many natural herbal skin care products that might benefit you and your family.  Thanks for visiting! – Marina Schaum